Sektor Cork Portugal was born from a beautiful gift: a suitcase, made of cork. It was a very desired gift!

I loved it and thought that there are other people, who have the same taste for cork as me. Because it is very difficult not to like these unique, beautiful, 100% natural pieces.

Cork is a natural material – it is the bark of the cork oak, which makes it a completely organic and resistant fabric.

The process of the cork oak not tearing damages the tree, because the cork oak is the only tree whose bark is self-regenerating.

The cork is extracted from the cork oak every 9 years without harming the health of the tree. Each cork oak has a history, all cork plates present variations in pattern, color, and texture.

Also each cork case, no two are the same.

There is no other material that is simultaneously 100% natural, elastic, waterproof, hypoallergenic, fire-resistant, durable, impressive, beautiful, unique to each piece and thus soft to the touch!

I’m in love with it, cork. Cork bags, wallets, shoes and other items that are considered magnificent…, but that speak for themselves!!!!

But there is another reason why I prefer cork among other materials: a greener and more sustainable planet.

Fashion items made of cork are environmentally friendly, produced with a raw material with absolutely unique properties: 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

With it, bags, wallets, shoes and many other fashion accessories of premium quality and contemporary design are made that allow you to affirm your environmental values without sacrificing elegance and personal style.

In addition, I have some items that are available in the Sektor Cork Portugal store are also Vegan-friendly – 100% free of any product of animal origin.

And as Portugal has other quality products, I also decided to introduce them in this store.

Portugal has been visited by many tourists and each one tries to take the best of what is produced here: olive oil, wine, canned sardines, cork, coffee, ets.