Why we choose Natural Vegan Cork Fashion Accessory.

Cork is a 100% natural and 100% reusable product extracted from cork oaks without ever harming the normal development of the species and without damaging the tree.

So, cork is a renewable raw material.

In  Portugal  cork was classified as the National Tree, and its slaughter a prohibited and it’s penalized throughout the national territory.

Only after the third cork peel is it possible to use the cork in the production of stoppers.

But the first 2 rounds are still usable. And it is very versatile!

Although there it doesn’t have the quality to produce stoppers, in Portugal they take this opportunity to make cork fabric and produce jackets, shoes, decoration purposes, or for construction materials …


Extraction Cork Portugal Sektor Cork Portugal
Extraction Cork Portugal Sektor Cork Portugal

Cork is Natural Product super lightweight,

waterproof to liquids and gases,

elastic and compressible,

excellent thermal and acoustic insulator,

slow combustion and very friction resistant.

Resist to fire.

The Portuguese know it well.

The montado is a particular ecosystem, created by man, characteristic of the Alentejo.

They are forests of holm oaks, cork oaks, oaks or chestnut trees.

The calamity of forest fires that summer after summer plague the country mainly affects ellipticals and pine forest,but almost always is saved by montado because cork is a natural fire retardant.

In addition, it does not release toxic gases during combustion.

Replacing eucalypti zones with new areas of montado as a way to prevent fires is a consensual measure among experts in the field.

 It is easy to clean and that’s  not a minor feature.

Due to their impermeability, natural vegan cork are very easy cleaning.

You just need a damp cloth and neutral PH detergent like soap to do the service.

The quality and beauty of cork is guaranteed regardless of the number of times the product is washed.

Cork Montado SerktorCorkPortugal
Cork Montado SerktorCorkPortugal

Portugal is the largest producer of this raw material in the world.

No tree is felled or damaged to get cork.

Each cork oak lives on average between 150 and 200 years and cork harvesting is done in cycles of nine.

After the bills, each cork provides cork about 50 times.

 It is necessary to wait 25 years to make the first extraction of the bark of the cork oak.

Then, the extraction should be every 9 years.

If not removed, the cork oak dies.

Cork is biodegradable, but it is not known how long it takes to degrade.

A bottle of long-lasting wine has been found at the bottom of the sea with the stopper intact.

Cork contributes to improve posture and decrease physical exertion when applied to floors and footwear.

So light it floats. More than 50% of the volume of cork is air. Cork weighs only 0.16g per cubic centimetre.

It is extremely soft to the touch.

There’s not much to say about this point unless anyone who’s had a piece of cork in their hand knows exactly what we’re talking about and it’s one of the most exciting aspects of this amazing stuff.

Touching a cork article is a pleasure for your finger.

It’s elastic and resistant.

Cork can handle great pressure without breaking, by simply stretching and coming back to its original shape when the pressure disappears.

This is called elastic memory.

The resistance of the material results from that comprehensibility and elasticity – it is the only solid material which can be compressed on one side while maintaining its original format on the other.

Comfortable and hypoallergenic.

The microscopic gas pads that make your cells an extremely comfortable raw material with a unique ability to absorb shocks and relieve pressure on your joints and spine.

But there is more: the natural temperature of cork is very similar to that of the human body, which contributes to increasing the feeling of comfort.

In addition, cork is essentially odourless and the products that use it do not acquire bad smells.

And one  more , cork does not absorb dust and prevents allergies.

In Portugal, we have used corks as natural product for centuries to produce corks for the best wines in the world.

We are the world’s largest cork exporter and we are proud of it.

We want to take it into the world.

And now we do it in the form of fashion accessories: suitcases, wallets, shoes, belts … stopper, with art.