1.  The object of the General Store Conditions.

These General Conditions are intended, with the order form, and the other elements referred to therein, to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of the Sektor Cork Portugal – online shop ( “Shop”)  by Tetyana Bondarets, , Coimbra, Portugal, under the unique registration and corporate identification number 235157310.

The Service consists of providing, through https://www.sektorcorkportugal.com/shop  access to the Online Shop which, in addition to providing information regarding a set of products, allows the User to electronically order the products disclosed therein, under the terms and conditions described herein.

Access to Sektor Cork Portugal online shop is free and each User is responsible for taking all necessary steps to gain access to the site.

Sektor Cork Portugal is also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the site through their Internet connection are aware of and abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Products must be ordered by users 18 years of age or older (individuals under the age of 18 must be authorized by their representatives).

The elements and information transmitted by the User will enjoy full legal effects, acknowledging the User electronic purchases, and cannot claim the lack of signature for breach of obligations assumed.

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, copy and /or explore the site for any commercial purposes without our prior written consent.

The current General Terms of Sale define the contractual relationship between customers of Sektor Cork Portugal and an e-commerce site Sektor Cork Portugal, dedicated to the sale products of cork and other products from Portugal in the international market.

The general sale conditions are the only conditions applied and prevail over all other conditions, apart from when a prior express and written agreement is drawn up.

We consider that when the order is validated, the customer automatically accepts our general sale conditions.

2. Product and Content Information.

Sektor Cork Portugal will do its best to ensure that the information presented does not contain typographical errors and will be quickly corrected whenever they occur.

If you purchase a product that has different characteristics from those presented online, you have the right to terminate the purchase agreement under applicable legal terms.

Sektor Cork Portugal will do everything possible to ship all ordered products, but it is possible that in certain cases and due to causes that are difficult for Sektor Cork Portugal to control, such as human errors or incidents in computer systems, it is not possible to make any of the products available.

If any product is not available after placing the order, it will be notified by e-mail. At this time, you will be presented with the possibility to cancel the order with your refund if you have already made the payment.

All pricing, product, specification, promotional information may be changed at any time by Sektor Cork Portugal.

Items on this site are available for delivery in the countries shown as an option during the purchase.

3. Responsibilities.

All products and services sold on the Sektor Cork Portugal Online Shop are in accordance with Portuguese Law.

The Shop has adequate security levels, however, Sektor Cork Portugal will not be responsible for any damages suffered by the User and/or third parties due to delays, interruptions, errors, and suspensions of communications that originate from factors beyond its control. notably, any deficiencies or failures

caused by the communications network or communications services provided by third parties, the computer system, modems, connection software or any computer viruses or download from the infected file service or containing viruses or other properties that may affect your equipment. If for any reason due

to an error in accessing the Sektor Cork Portugal Online Shop it is impossible to provide services, Sektor Cork Portugal shall not be liable for any damages.

The queries of data and information made under this Service are presumed made by the User, declining to Sektor Cork Portugal any liability arising from the misuse or fraudulent use of information obtained.

Sektor Cork Portugal will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by misuse of the Service that is not directly attributable to it as intent or gross negligence.

Sektor Cork Portugal is not liable for any damages or damages arising from the breach or defective performance of the Service where this is not directly or indirectly attributable to you as intent or gross negligence and is not liable in particular for (i) errors, omissions or other inaccuracies. relating to information

made available through the Service; (ii) damages caused by the fault of the User or third parties, including violations of intellectual property, (iii) the breach or defective compliance resulting from the compliance with court decisions or administrative authorities or (iv) the breach or defective compliance

resulting from occurrences of force majeure, that is, situations of an extraordinary or unpredictable nature, outside of Sektor Cork Portugal and that cannot be controlled by it, such as fires, power cuts, explosions, wars, riots, civil uprisings, decisions strikes, earthquakes, floods or other natural cataclysms or

other situations not controlled by Sektor Cork Portugal that prevent or impair the fulfilment of obligations.

4. Consumer responsibilities.

The user undertakes to:

– Provide personal data and correct addresses.

– Do not use false identities.

– Respect tax order limits.

If any of the data is incorrect, that is, insufficient, and for this reason, there is a delay or impossibility in processing the order or eventual non-delivery, the User is responsible. In the event that the consumer breaches any of  these obligations, Sektor Cor kPortugal reserves the right to eliminate future purchases,

block access to the store, cancel the provision of any other services provided simultaneously by Sektor Cork Portugal to the same User and also not allow future access of the User to any or any services provided by Sektor Cork Portugal.

5. Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

Sektor Cork Portugal guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by Users.

The personal data identified on the order form as being required to be supplied are indispensable to the provision of the Service by Sektor Cork Portugal.

The omission or inaccuracy of the data provided by the User is his sole responsibility and may give rise to Sektor Cork Portugal’s refusal to provide the Service.

The personal data of the User will be processed and stored by computer and are intended to be used by Sektor Cork Portugal in the context of the contractual and/or commercial relationship with the User and, in case of authorization by the User, for the marketing .

Pursuant to applicable law, the User is guaranteed, at no additional charge, the right to access, rectify and update his / her personal data, directly or upon written request, as well as the right to object to their use for the purposes set forth in previous paragraph, and for this purpose you should contact the data

controller: Sektor Cork Portugal.

6. Online Ordering.

To place an order at https://www.sektorcorkportugal.com/shop you must have a valid and frequently used email account and register as a Sektor Cork Portugal customer by filling in the form available online.  

Once you have registered, all you need to do is insert all the products that the Final Consumer wishes to purchase into the virtual shopping basket, following all the steps of the purchase, so that it can be successfully completed.

Placing an order at https://www.sektorcorkportugal.com/shop is quite easy:

– Browse the pages of the Sektor Cork Portugal online store and find the product(s) you want to buy.

– Add your favourite products to your shopping basket using the Add to basket button.

– Once you understand that you have chosen all the items you want to buy, finish the purchase by clicking on Finish.

– Then, fill in your personal data in a very simple form (a lot of attention in filling in the address).

– Then, select the method of payment.

– Review your order.

– Proceed to payment, confirming the order.

– Finally, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.

– By selecting the Exit button, at the end of the purchase process, your order is confirmed, and you only have to wait for the expected days for the shipment of the parts.

As soon as you finish your purchase, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the transaction. We suggest that you print or download this copy for future reference. If the data is not correct, you can immediately request

your change or even the cancellation of the purchase made.

The final confirmation of the order by the User is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale as well as these General Conditions of Sale, which will be the only

ones applicable to the contract thus concluded.

In the event of failure to confirm payment or failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Sektor Cork Portugal reserves the right not to accept your order or to cancel it in whole or in part, even after

automatic confirmation of the order.

By decision of SektorCorkPortugal:

Sektor Cork Portugal reserves the right not to process orders when it finds any inconsistency in the personal data submitted or observes misconduct by the buyer.

Sektor Cork Portugal reserves the right not to process any order or refund in the event of errors in the values and / or characteristics of products when these are due to technical problems or errors beyond Sektor Cork Portugal.


The purchased goods must be returned within 14 days from the date on which you communicated your decision to the seller.

To exercise this right, the User may use the minute indicated below, indicating all their identification data, the subscribed service that you want to resolve and the date of subscription.

The communication should be made, by e-mail, through the return of the goods purchased.

If the User chooses to return, the respective shipping costs will be his responsibility.

After receipt of the return at SektorCorkPortugal, the amount corresponding to the amount paid for the order (sales invoice amount) will be returned to the User.

f you have used a promotional discount code, this amount will not be refunded, i.e. the refund will only be for the amount actually paid.

The method of refunding the amount to be returned depends on the method of payment used in the respective order.

In the case of payments by credit card and PayPal, these are credited to the respective accounts.

In all other cases, when NIB information is provided, the refund is made to the indicated bank account.

The refund shall be made within 30 days of receipt of the free will to withdraw and receipt of the return of the goods.

8.Payments, Prices, and Orders.

On the www.sektorcorkportugal.com/shop , we proposes to the User the following payment methods :


 PayPal  .

In the case of payment by credit card, the debit will be made on the User’s card immediately after confirmation of the shipment of the goods.

If some products ordered are sold out, the value of them will be credited to the User’s card, after the order is closed.

For payments using a credit or debit card, all details (such as card number, expiration date or security code) will be sent by the Encrypted Protocol to the company providing the remote electronic payment services, without third parties being able to access the transmitted information. This information will not be

used by SektorCorkPortugal, except to carry out operations necessary for purchase or refund, in the event of return in accordance with the exercise of the right of return, or for reporting fraud cases to the police.

When ordering, you promise that all the details you provide are true and accurate, that you are over 18 years of age, that you are an authorized credit or debit card user used to place your order and that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of your order.

The site allows you to check your order and correct any errors before completing a purchase. Please take the time to read and check your order on each page of the process, as you are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is accurate (e.g., products, quantities, size, color, etc.).

When you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order. This e-mail is only an information receipt and does not constitute acceptance of your order.

If your order is accepted, we will send you a confirmation email, which will conclude the contract between you and SektorCorkPortugal. The confirmation email will include a description of the products purchased in the order and some other information. Only the products listed in the confirmation email are

included in the contract between you and Sektor Cork Portugal.

We reserve the right not to send your order for delivery if, for example, the ordered product is out of stock, has been withdrawn or is unavailable, or if we are unable to obtain authorization for your payment or if you do not meet the eligibility conditions.

9. Additional tax.

In accordance with the rules and regulations in force, all purchases made through the websites have the Additional Tax (VAT) and included in the product price.

10. Order delivery times.

All orders, from our online shop, can be shipped through CTT Portugal or another carrier.

Orders are ready for shipment in 1 to 3 working days.

Once your order has been registered, the respective payment has been confirmed and all the parts of your order are available, SektorCorkPortugal undertakes to send you the order within the following delivery deadlines:

– In the European Union, between 5 and 15  working days approximately.

– In all countries outside the European Union, we will deliver the order within an indicative period of 15 to 30  working days.

Sektor Cork Portugal will not be responsible for the non-fulfillment or delay in the fulfillment, of any obligation to ship due to an event of force majeure, i.e. an event, act or omission, beyond its reasonable control.

There are restrictions on some products to certain international destinations, so please review the information on this page carefully before placing an order.

If you purchase goods for delivery to an international destination, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes that apply when the package arrives at that destination.

You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the products are intended. We will not be liable if you violate these laws.

If no one is available at your address to sign your order, our delivery partner will leave a note and you will need to contact them to rearrange the delivery.

11. Intellectual property.

The Store is a registered site and the Service provided by the site itself is the responsibility of Sektor Cork Portugal.

The User understands that the Service contains confidential information and is protected by copyright, industrial property, and other applicable legislation.

You agree that any content contained in the advertising, posting, promotion or mention of any sponsor or advertiser is protected by copyright and related rights laws, industrial property laws and other property protection laws and that any use of such content may only occur with the express permission of its


The User undertakes to fully respect the rights referred to in the previous paragraph, namely refraining from any acts that may violate the law or the aforementioned rights, such as the reproduction, marketing, transmission or making available to the public of such content or any other unauthorized acts that

have as their object the same content.

12. Conditions of Security of Service.

The User undertakes to comply with all applicable legal provisions, namely, not to practice or encourage the practice of illegal or offensive acts of good customs, such as the indiscriminate sending of unsolicited communications (spamming) in violation of the provisions of the legislation applicable to the

processing of personal data and advertising communications through automatic calling devices, and must also observe the rules for use of the Service, under penalty of SektorCorkPortugal suspending or disabling the Service under the terms provided in point 13.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that the IP Network constitutes a public electronic communications network that can be used by various users and, as such, is subject to computer overloads, so that Sektor Cork Portugal does not guarantee the provision of the Service without interruptions, loss of

information or delays.

Sektor Cork Portugal also does not guarantee the provision of the Service in situations of unforeseeable overload of the systems on which it is supported or of force majeure (situations of an extraordinary or unforeseeable nature, external to SektorCorkPortugal and which cannot be controlled by it).

In the event of interruption of the service due to unforeseeable overload of the systems on which it is supported, SektorCorkPortugal undertakes to regularize its operation as soon as possible.

13. Privacy policy.

Sektor Cork Portugal understands the importance of protecting the personal data of its clients and of all those who visit the website www.sektorcorkportugal.com and has therefore developed a security behavioral standard that meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. To consult our Privacy Policy, please click here.

14. Alteration of the conditions and general terms of sale of online shop SektorCorkPortugal.

Sektor Cork Portugal has the right to change these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. Buyer is subject to the principles and terms in force at the time of placing his order, unless the law or competent authority requires any change to them.